At a time when the human connection and communication are more important than ever, we're hitting the scene as a small company with a big dream: to make any of life's moments even more meaningful. 
In our opinion, the best gift to give in 2021 and wisdom.
We've all been there. Someone in your life is celebrating a milestone and you're tired of sending an impersonal gift card. Maybe you respectfully snub the registry because you want to gift above and beyond the spatula set or the burp cloths. Perhaps you pride yourself on thoughtful, unique gift giving or maybe you're determined to ensure the items you gift never land in a "junk" or "regift" drawer.
Maybe, like me, gift-giving is your love language and nothing out there fits the bill.
For any and all of the above, we created a one-stop-shop experience to uniquely celebrate or recognize an important moment in someone's life. The major drivers behind Wisdom Wrapped are, first and foremost, my parents. My mother, who leads by example in her unyielding thoughtfulness, taught us incredible attention to detail. My father and hero, who embodied wit and wisdom... master of surprise and maximizer of moments... left us too soon but is with me through this project. And lastly, Wisdom Wrapped is driven by my relentless devotion to putting something of meaning out into this world in honor of my second son, Zeke, born asleep, who deserves his own little legacy. Mama made a promise. 
I've had many mentors in my life thus far and the content of each box strives to communicate the incredible advice I've come to find valuable (not as though I've always followed it... I am a middle child and Sagittarius after all). We're combining these lessons with what others have shared to be useful throughout their experiences and then wrapping those words around practical products to be used as creative and clever gifts.
Our little family is very excited to be embarking on this journey and we're truly grateful you've found us. If there are any milestones or life lessons you wish were included, please send us a note. We're here for you, as so many have been there for us.